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COVID-19 response update:

At UTS, the health and safety of our staff, students, and extended community is our top priority. In light of advice from NSW Health and the requirement for those who can, to work remotely, UTS Careers has created the following internship resources to support students and employers involved in internships during this time:

Internships can be as great as all of us want to make them.

At the University of Technology Sydney, internships are increasingly critical to how we prepare students for the workforce, and the benefits flow both ways. Yet, to create meaningful experiences, all of us – students, employers and university staff – need to work together to get results that we can all enjoy.

Think you’re up for taking on an internship, or alternatively, recruiting a UTS intern?

‘Choose your own adventure’ in our interactive video below, and find out if you’re really ready:

How do we make internships great? Read our manifesto which shares our vision.


Your career journey starts here. Set yourself up to get that dream internship, dream job, dream career.


Find interns who are positive disrupters. Attract top talent and shape future professionals in your industry.


Create mutually beneficial experiences

We’re collaborators. UTS has thousands of students, across multiple disciplines, who are eager to build their confidence, skills and connections, while making a positive contribution to your organisation. Support students on their learning journey and they’ll want to come back to your organisation.

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